Loop Trails on the Kanawha Trace

The Kanawha Trace has several loop trails or also known as blue blaze trails that hikers can use to loop back to Camp Arrowhead. These trails are usually used by day hikers looking for an easy hike to take on a day in the weekend.

2-Mile Loop (Ol' Baldy Trail)
This loop starts and stays in Camp Arrowhead. This loop is also known as the Ol' Baldy Loop trail and is used for the annual Fall Hike in October. The trail passes by Williams Shelter on the Kanawha Trace and crosses over the highest point in Camp Arrowhead, Ol' Baldy (972 ft). The trail also passes a few campsites in camp, but it also passes by the newly constructed climbing tower in camp.

5-Mile Loop
This loop also starts in Camp Arrowhead. When starting this loop you can either start on the Kanawha Trace or the Adahi Trail. If you are looking to start on the Kanawha Trace you must follow a blue blaze trail done to Sleepy Hollow Campsite where you can pick up the Kanawha Trace at mile 5.28. The trail stays on the Kanawha Trace until mile 7.71. Then the trail makes a right hand turn on Big Cabell Creek Road. This is now a blue blaze trail that will follow the road to meet up with the Adahi Trail. The blue blaze trail meets the Adahi at mile ?.??. From there follow the Adahi Trail back into Camp Arrowhead approximately ??? miles down the trail.

10-Mile Loop
This loop also starts in the parking lot of Camp Arrowhead. This loop has the same option as the 5-mile loop as to what trail to start on. Starting on the Kanawha Trace

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