Trail Information

Since the trail is located totally on private property, with the exception of public roads, it is necessary from time to time to accommodate the needs of property owners by relocating sections of the trail. As a result, be alert to the trail markings and information signs and updates posted along the trail.

The trail for the most part is well graded, open, marked, and maintained.  The trail is marked for eastbound and westbound traffic. The standard mark eastbound is a 2" x 6" yellow blaze with a 2" x 2" white blaze located above and below the yellow blaze. Important junctions, turns, or areas of the trail requiring special attention are noted by the placing of two 2" x 2" white blazes above and below the central blaze.  The westbound marking is a reverse color scheme of the eastbound marking. That is, the center blaze is a 2" x 6" white blaze with 2" x 2" yellow blaze above and below the center blaze.

Currently the trail is under a major upgrade thanks to the award of a grant for the trail. Along the trail you will notice a new sign system that will be used for mile posts, junctions, and areas where trees are limited for trail markings. These new post are the flexible sign posts with reflective stickers to make them easier to see in darker conditions. Many of the other signs that depicte highlights along the trail will still be made of wood.

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