Trail News

This page will bring you up-to-date news about the trail. Here you will find information about trail upgrades, relocations, and events on the trail.

August, 2004

The Kanawha Trace and Tri-State Area Council recieved the notice to proceed with the work on the trail from the federal grant.

December 13, 2002

The state of West Virginia announced the recipients of the Recreation Trail Program for the Fiscal Year 2002. The Kanawha Trace was one of the recipients, recieving a grant for $50,560. The grant will be used to upgrade sections of the trail with new signs, treadwork, and bridges.

October, 2002

The Kanawha Trace celebrated its 40th anniversary with a special anniversary hike. More than 300 hikers participated in this event over Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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